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MAPAC is an organization that aims to lobby all levels of government on behalf of the American Muslim community and to educate Muslims about the American political process. MAPAC focuses on politics and its effect on Muslims in America and on representing traditional Islamic values in the political process. MAPAC supports our Islamic Organizations in fulfilling their purposes and responsibilities for religious affairs in our area. MAPAC also works to foster inter-religious and inter-ethnic understanding, interaction and cooperation for enhancing the common good and dignity of all human beings and strives for assurance of basic human rights for all Americans and for all Muslims.


The MAPAC Voter Recommendations are ready. Two separate lists have been prepared, one for Durham County and one for Wake County. Muslims living in other counties will still find these lists useful as they contain recommended candidates for Statewide elections for President, Governor, Lt. Governor, other Council of State positions and, IMPORTANTLY FOR STATEWIDE JUDICIAL ELECTIONS. Also, some of the US Congressional Seats and State Legislature seats for which recommendations are made also serve counties adjacent to or near to Durham and Wake Counties. The lists may be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Voter Recommendations Durham County2016.pdf

Voter Recommendations Wake County2016.pdf

The basis for making the recommendations listed above is explained in the following document: 

2016 Voter Recomedations pdf version.pdf

To confirm that you are registered to vote, find out where you vote and to get a sample ballot which shows which offices will be on your ballot, go to: 

Voter Information

Fill out the form that appears on that page when you go to it, click on the  “search” button near the bottom of that page, then click on your name on the list that appears to get your information.

Detailed information explaining the rationale behind all MAPAC Voting Recommendations is being compiled and edited and will be posted to the MAPAC web site when completed.

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