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MAPAC is an organization that aims to lobby all levels of government on behalf of the American Muslim community and to educate Muslims about the American political process. MAPAC focuses on politics and its effect on Muslims in America and on representing traditional Islamic values in the political process. MAPAC supports our Islamic Organizations in fulfilling their purposes and responsibilities for religious affairs in our area. MAPAC also works to foster inter-religious and inter-ethnic understanding, interaction and cooperation for enhancing the common good and dignity of all human beings and strives for assurance of basic human rights for all Americans and for all Muslims.

Upcoming events

    • 02 Sep 2016
    • 8:05 PM
    • IAR Islamic Center (Raleigh Mosque), 808 Atwater Street, Raleigh, NC

    The Muslim American Public Affairs Council (MAPAC) in cooperation with the IAR Education Committee will make a presentation immediately following the Maghrib Prayer, entitled "Who is on the ballot in November besides the President and the Governor, what they do, how the actions of the people in these offices impact your everyday life, and why Muslims should care about voting for the candidates for these offices-Part 2." 

    This will be the second part of a two part presentation. Part 1 focused on the interrelationships between the Federal. State and Local Governments and on the upcoming elections for offices in the executive and legislative branches of State government. Part 2, to be held on September 2nd immediately after Maghrib prayer, will focus on local government (County, Municipal, etc.) elections, and on elections for officials in the Judicial Branch of the Government. This presentation will be given at the Raleigh Mosque adjacent to the NCSU campus at 808 Atwater Street in Raleigh. 

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