The 2018 Election Is Fast Approaching and More Important Than Many Muslims May Realize

The 2018 general election is potentially one of the most important in the history of the United States. The fundamental democratic pillars of this country are at risk. Consider the following:

  • A nation established by immigrants is increasingly becoming anti-immigrant;
  • A republic that nominally guarantees freedom of religion in its Bill of Rights is increasingly hostile to Islam and other minority religions;
  • A country once heralded as a promoter of world peace and global human rights now stands by as innocents around the world suffer, and;
  • A country that has been committed to social justice and equality of economic opportunity is now experiencing a peak of social and economic polarization.

Gerrymandered election districts, bills and policies that make it more difficult for particular demographic groups to vote, deceptively described Constitutional Amendment Ballot initiatives, and attempts to turn the judiciary into a partisan branch of government are real threats to the democratic process. State and local elections, not Presidential elections, are the battlegrounds where these anti-democracy measures will either succeed or be defeated. Muslims self interests and their religious obligations (Islamic Reasons to Vote) dictate getting involved in the election process, and voting in the 2018 Mid-term Elections.

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