MAPAC NC is composed of four bodies:

1.  Board of Trustees

2.  Executive Committee

3.  General Body, and

4.  Appointed Committees

·         Board of Trustees: This is a legislative body of MAPAC NC. This committee consists of not less than 7 nor more than fifteen (15) elected members from the Voting Members of the General Body. Each member of the BOT shall serve for a period of three (3) consecutive years.

·         Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the MAPAC President, who acts as the Executive Committee Chair, the Standing Committee Chairs, the MAPAC Secretary and the MAPAC Treasurer. Board of Trustee Members are also considered to be Pro Forma members of the Executive Committee..

·         General Body: This body shall consist of two groups:

  • Voting Members: This group consists of paid members of the organization who agree to the constitution and the By Laws of the organization, have paid their dues according to the By Laws, and maintain their membership as required by the By Laws.
  • Associate Members: From time to time, non-Muslim members of the community may want to join the organization for personal reasons. Such members shall be exempt from voting and are not eligible for any BOT or EC membership as per the By Laws of the association. However, these members shall enjoy all other benefits of the membership of the organization, including discounted entry to events, FREE entry to educational events upon availability, and other benefits enjoyed by the Voting Members.

·         Appointed Committees: From time to time, BOT or EC may appoint adhoc or standing committees for administrative purposes. The main purpose of these committees is to distribute the day-to-day tasks to members of the organization to achieve those tasks in a timely manner, and also to provide leadership training to other members to continuously provide leaders for EC and BOT in the future.

For further details, please see the By Laws.

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